‘Among Us’ Game Searches on Pornhub

The online game ‘Among Us‘ was originally launched in June of 2018, but didn’t receive mainstream recognition until 2020 when well known Twitch Streamers and YouTubers began playing it. Our friends at Kotaku reached out to see if the increase in popularity carried over to Pornhub as well.

Searches containing ‘Among Us’ began picking up around September 1st and reached their peak on September 16th, with nearly 700,000 searches in a single day! Since September, there have been 4.7 million searches!

With average daily searches of 115,000, ‘Among Us’ currently rivals Pornhub’s most searched games such as Fortnite.


Video games titles and characters remain some of the most popular search trends on Pornhub. See how your favorite games compare in our 2019 Year in Review. And don’t miss our latest Insights about Super Mario Searches.

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