RetroArch:Turn Your FireStick into a Retro Gaming Hub

What is RetroArch?

RetroArch is an emulation platform that can be installed on a variety of devices.

Should I use a specific Firestick?

We wil be using the Firestick 4k. Though this set up will work on any Firestick. Keep in mind not all the emulators will work on your fire stick.


Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Enable apps from unknown sources Firestick

We need to grant your firestick the ability to install third party apps. To enable this option Open SETTINGS – CHOOSE DEVICE- OPEN DEVELOPER OPTIONS- CHOOSE OPTION TO ENABLE APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES.


Install the Downloader app

Downloader app Amazon Appstore

Next we  need to download the DOWNLOADER app which is available in the app store.

You can find it under the Utilities categor


Download and install the RetroArch app

Install RetroArch

Type the Following address into the search bar in the DOWNLOADER appL:

The site should load , once it does you will see the options to download RetroArch.


Connect a controller

Firestick controller setup

Controllers I’m using a PS3 Replica controller with a usb dongle. Most other bluetooth controllers/wireless controllers will work. To use a set up like mine you will need an OTG cable. 

To add a controller via bluetooth open settings – controllers – and wait until your controller appears.

Step 5 

Retroarch setup

RetroArch setup

Now select Retroarch from the home screen.

Make sure to give retroarch any permissions that it might ask for.


Adding Cores (Emulators)

RetroArch load core

In the home screen select core then you will be given a variety of different emulators to load on retroarch. You will notice some consoles like N64 have a few. Each core has its specific pros and cons, this is the fun part for each player to experiment.

ter than others, depending on what you want to play.

Step 7

Install the ES File Explorer File Manager app

ES File Explorer

Now head back to the home page and download ES File Explorer.

Connect to the Firestick via FTP

ES File Explorer FTP

Open ES File Explorer and select Network on the left navigation menu. Choose View on PC. Turn on the feature.

This screen gives us an FTP address we can use to access the Firestick.

Connect to the Firestick using your favorite FTP program. For Windows

Step 9

Adding ROMS to the Firestick

Here I have the Fire Stick open in WinSCP. Open the RetroArch folder and create a new one inside called roms.Drag and drop the roms across. If youre not sure where to get ROMS then just sign up to follow this blog page and we will email you info on how to access our ROM library.

How to load ROMs in RetroArch

Now that you copied the roms over, if you open retroarch you will see your roms listed as well. Just go ahead and launch the game and voila! Youre living the 90’s again but now with infinite games!

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