Sudo Grizzly Gents Office of the President: Important Information For our Customers

The following communication from our senior management team to all customers, team members, and stake holders:

December 12, 2021

Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC Stakeholders:

Maintaining the highest quality while providing competitive/fair prices for our customers has never been an easy undertaking.  It often is the achilles heel of many companies large and small to compromise between the cost of goods and the integrity and quality of their product. Our organization’s values do not allow us to make such compromises.

Presently the tech world is suffering a  shortage of semiconductors. To be brief, semiconductors are the foundation for all computing devices. The supply chain shortage was initially felt by the larger tech companies, until finally the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a statement last October 2021 regarding their plans to both increase the prices on some of their SBC’s while temporarily discontinuing others. Within two months the world wide supply has nearly vanished. 

The only viable solution is to make a change from using the RPi Model 3b+ single board computer, to the RPi Model 4b+ single board computer.  The RPi 4b+  is still widely available for the time being.  The RPi 4 also would give our team the ability to add emulators that before would not be supported by the limits of the RPi 3.  This does come with a nearly 28% increase in price when comparings the SBC’s cost side by side.  

Senior management has made the decision that beginning Thursday December 16th, 2021 we will begin to utilize the RPi 4 w/ 4GB of RAM to replace the RPi 3. This will require a reassessment and likely increase in our retails sales price. With this new SBC we will be able to fulfill  any orders that were cancelled over the last 12 days.  Only those customers who made purchases that were cancelled over the last 12 days will be able to place orders for the RPI4 fight sticks at the RPi 3 price if they do so wish. Our team will be contacting these customers individually to let them know they have that option beginning December 16th.

Our goal is providing our customers with the best product at the best price.  As long as we can get our hands on the right materials, we will keep providing you with our arcades.  The Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC team thanks each and everyone of you for the continued support.


Richard Munguia Jr.

Sudo Grizzly Gents President & Founding Member

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