“Just a group of Gen X/Y’ers sharing our love for the RetroWave. Whether you need help building your own arcade or simply want to learn how to get the most out of your modern day tech we’ve got you covered. ”
– Sudo Grizzly Gents

Maybe you want to skip the DIY and go straight to gaming? In that case check out our prebuilt Arcade Fight Stick.

  • Benefits and Features of Grizzly Gents Arcades:
  • Over 11,000 games spread out through 61 classic retro consoles.
  • 100% plug and play. We took the time to configure and program everything so you don’t have to. Arcade Fight Sticks come with everything needed to get started, all you need is an HDMI cable and a television/monitor.
  • USB female jack to add an additional 3rd player (or 4 if a usb adapter is used).
  • Game menu search bar. Cant find the game you want to play? We added a search bar so you can look it up even faster.
  • 100% Open Source! We encourage our customers to modify and alter their consoles however they wish.
  • LIFETIME OPERATING SYSTEM REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. Still the only company in the game that offers a lifetime free replacement warranty on the operating system.
  • Quality hardware. We source only the best raw materials from the best suppliers that share our vision. We only carry and use brand names like Raspberry Pi and Sanwa.
  • Onboard Bluetooth/Wifi capabilities.

Arcades Starting at just $275 + Shipping

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One thought on “Home

  1. So excited to get my son’s game!!! Been waiting since Christmas but it will be worth it! Let me know about the shipping…. Appreciate your great work! Please respond soon… tried u on Etsy… sad to see u go! Glad I place an order before u closed shop!


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