“The Internet is Dead” Theory (Part One)

“The Internet is Dead” theory is a collective of thoughts and opinions put together that describes the current state of the internet to be more out of a George Orwell novel. We aren’t big on conspiracies, but we also believe that conspiracies are just theories that really challenge our day to day thoughts. So let’s dive into this theory and compare it to the internet of the early 2000’s and today.

Nuance No Longer Exists

The Internet is Dead Theory believes that most of the internet is fake and actually just manufactured by artificial intelligence in conjunction with advertisers and influencers to sway public opinion and has been like this for over a decade. At first glance one would think ” well duh…..” , but one needs to really take a step back and think back to a decade ago, and for those Gen X and Gen Y’ers think back to 20 years ago. Let’s start with the internet of 10 years ago, or as we know it ” The Smart Phone Revolution”. Though we had smart phones as early as 2007 with the first Apple Iphone, it wasnt until the 2010’s that smart phones became common ground. Personally I remember being one of the last of my friends that bought a smartphone. It was almost instantaneous that my phone became an extension of myself. To have internet access in my pocket readily available at first glance felt like an incredible tool. But also during this time I can now look back and realize that much like the rest of us the internet went from this massive collective of information world wide to just accessing Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Pandora. The same seven or eight websites/apps everyday for nearly a decade.

The internet 20 years ago was both a process of securing a phone line when hopefully no one would be calling the house and for some of us it was a place where there was little to no filters where people from every corner of the world could share information, ideas, and express themselves. A users experience wasn’t dictated by fact checkers of ISP filtering, but rather by the path each individual online chose to take.

Algorithms and A.I.

Algorithms, I’m sure you’ve heard this word thrown around everyday: ” the FB algorithm banned me by accident”, or ” the Youtube Algorithm is limiting my taste in music”. But what exactly is an algorithm other than a buzzword? To put it simply an algorithm is just a process or set of rules in a process of operations. For Example: (2-1)+2 = 3 , the first step dictated by the order of operations (PEMDAS) says we must first solve anything inside of the parenthesis in this case (2-1) = 1 , then we can take the result (1) and add it to the remaining (2) to give us (3). This is a very simple algorithm that just about all of us know. The only difference between that and the algorithms companies like Facebook and Google use is the size and complexity….take a look below.

The complexity alone is enough to make most peoples head hurt, but looking deeper into what the variables represent. Things like your choices in music, food, geographic location are picked up by Google every time you use it and is then stored to be used in it’s algorithm that pertains to you. But hey maybe you didn’t mind opting out of receiving a “tailored” experience right? My question to you is don’t you feel that by choosing to be bombarded by the same content and the same ad’s you’re now in a backwards freefall to the stone age? I mean the internet is supposed to be a place where people can access information that before we were limited to due to geographic constraints right? Instead of learning are we actually just isolating our own minds?

A disclaimer on the following point “A.I.” , we do not believe A.I. to be a evil entity like Skynet that is ready to enslave the human race. We here have already seen and experienced the incredible tool A.I. will be for the human race. Think less of evil robots and more of A.I. in terms of machine learning. Programs that learn that process information to extents that we could one day predict with certainty illnesses, or even pandemics and be able top prepare for events like this. Though we can also see the fear of automation in the new age. Creating A.I. programs that don’t revolt against us but rather they do exactly what they are programmed to do with no deviation from it’s intended purpose we as humans gave it. How likely is it that the internet is a collective of A.I. generated information intended to keep us in a mental loop of consumption? I hate to get my tin foil hat out but it’s certainly something that has crossed my mind before.

To Conclude Part 1…

Time is an asset we cannot afford to waste so for now we must leave you Grizzly’s until we take on part 2 of The Internet is Dead Theory. We leave you not with a grimm idea of a dark future that could or could not be ahead, but instead with just that….an idea. Your ideas, your thoughts, your growth through your timeline can and may be affected by countless variables, but don’t forget it’s all part of your evolutionary process. We can’t lose who we are inside, because we quite literally are made of stars.

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